How is an organization eligible for consideration?

An organization can only be considered at a meeting if it meets the following criteria:

It is locally based (Winnipeg & surrounding area). Only National and International organizations who have a local chapter can be considered.

must be a registered charity or not-for-profit organization and able to provide tax receipts to each member for their donation. Visit Canada Revenue Agency website for a complete listing of registered charities.

How does an organization get nominated and chosen?

Any member in good standing can submit a nomination ballot at the meeting. The ballot is then put in the ballot box with the other nomination forms. Three of the ballots will then be pulled. At this time the three members whose ballots are chosen are asked to deliver up to a brief 3-5 minute presentation about their nomination. There will be secret ballot voting by the members to determine the winner.

How often can an organization be nominated or win?

An organization can be nominated at each meeting. Once an organization has won and awarded $10,000+ it cannot be nominated to win again for 3 years. If an organization is awarded less than $10,000 then it can be nominated again after a 1 year period.

Can National and International organizations be considered for nominations?

Only organizations who have a local chapter can be considered.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Definitely yes! All organizations receiving the donation will send each member a tax receipt. Please confirm correct spelling of your name and address is on the cheque to ensure a prompt and accurate receipt is issued.

Does any of my donation go to the 100 Women Who Care Winnipeg administrative costs?

No! 100 Women Who Care Winnipeg is organized and operated strictly by volunteers. There are a number of costs which we would appreciate help covering. A wish list of these items has been created. Please contact one of the Coordinating Committee members if you or a company you know would be able to help defray these costs.

Can I become a member of the 100 Women Who Care Winnipeg chapter?

Yes and we would love to have you! Please review the membership form to ensure you completely understand the commitment required to become and maintain a membership in good standing.

What if I cannot attend a meeting?

You may still submit a nomination form but there will be no proxy voting. If a member is unable to attend a meeting she is required to:

send her regrets to our email at: 100wwcwmb@gmail.com
and submit a blank cheque either by sending with a trusted member who will then fill out your cheque at the meeting with the winning organization name. Or you can mail your cheque to: 100 WWCWMB C/O Jane Meagher, 504 Home Street Winnipeg Manitoba R3G 1X7

What if I need to resign my membership?

Resignations will be accepted through email/written communication to admin@100womenwhocarewinnipeg.com

What is a member of good standing?

A member of good standing is a registered member who attends the meetings and MUST supply their cheque.

What can I do if I want to nominate a charity but don’t like public speaking?

Please don’t let this stop your valuable nomination! We will be happy to help you present your organization, if chosen. Please write on your nomination form that you would prefer assistance with your presentation.

What do you do with my personal information?

100 Women Who Care Winnipeg needs your information (name, address and email) strictly to maintain a membership and communicate with you and to also to assist the winning organizations with tax receipts. We will not share your information in any other way.

How does 100 Women Who Care Winnipeg communicate with its members?

100 Women Who Care Winnipeg communicates with its members through email. Please stay in the loop and expect emails close to the meeting dates. If you are not receiving emails, please contact us at 100wwcwmb@gmail.com. Also 100 Women Who Care Winnipeg can be found on social media. Please like us on Facebook at 100 Women Who Care Winnipeg and follow us on Twitter at @100womenywg and on Instagram at @100WomenWhoCareWinnipeg

How long does a meeting last?

A meeting will last 1 hour. Registration will open 30 minutes prior to the meeting. And of course if you wish to stay and mingle, we will have an informal social time after the meeting.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes please bring a guest. We need your help to drive interest in our group and we feel that a personal connection to our group is the best way to get the word out.

What if there is a tie vote?

There will be second secret ballot vote to determine a winner.

Contact us if your question is very specific and is not answered in the above FAQ section. If you have a suggestion for a general question we might answer here, you are welcome to write it in the area below:

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